Pastor and First Lady Harding

Rev. Curtis T. Harding, Jr. was born in Lockland, Ohio. When he was 6 months old his parents moved to Brooklyn, New York where he grew up and attended public schools.  

He was called to preach as a young man while attending the Alpha Pentecostal Church; during this time he served for 2 years in the Air Force and received an Honorable discharge. 


He later became a Police Officer and remained on the job for 20 years. During part of this time Rev. Harding attended the Allen AME church where he attended Bible seminary and was ordained and served as an associate minister for five years.

Rev. Harding was called to pastor the St. Albans Baptist Church in 1984. He continued the building Fund program and broke ground for the new sanctuary in 1985. He gives God the glory because the people had a mind to work and we marched into our new Sanctuary just 2 years later, 1987.  

Pastor Harding holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from John Jay College, A Masters of Divinity from New York Theological Seminary and 2 bestowed Doctor of Divinity Degrees from  Martha's Vineyard Theological Seminary and James M. Teamer School of Religion.                                           

He is a past president of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Queens and Vicinity.  Pastor Harding is also a member of the Eastern Baptist Association, the Empire Baptist Association, the National Baptist USA, Inc., The American Baptist Churches and the Queens Federation of Churches.

Many ministries have been formed under Pastor Harding's leadership, he loves to preach and teach God's word.

Pastor Harding has been married to the love of his life, Rev. Inez L. Harding for 53 years; they have 2 grown children and 2 grand children.